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Make geometry great again

Geometry linking the art of building and the Universe

Geometry has been much associated with the design and construction of churches and bridges. Little is today mentioned about the connection between geometry and the structural behaviour of structures.
The structural theory as we know it today is relatively modern


geodesics describes the planets path and the stripes of a piece of paper. 

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Constraint based design

What can be done with simple building elements?

What if the design 

Baukultur - A sustainable building culture

The ministers call for high-quality Baukultur, a word used in German that is linked to architectural quality, but more inclusive.  Baukultur also addresses that it is not only the final product that is important but also the process behind it, how it is made and how it contributes to the common good.

1. The existing construction, including cultural heritage assets, and contemporary creation must be understood as a single entity. The existing construction provides an important Baukultur reference for the future design of our built environment.

2. All activities with an impact on the built environment, from detailed craftsmanship to the planning and execution of infrastructure projects that have an impact on the landscape, are expressions of Baukultur.

3. Baukultur not only refers to the built environment but also to the processes involved in its creation.

Connection of the hand, the mind and nature.

The marriage of the head and the hand is a well known in history.

"The more one looks, the more it appears that the revolutionary hand-brain marriage qualifies as one of the defining and unifying themes of humanpaleoanthropology, of developmental and cognitive psychology, and of behavioral neuroscience ... Seymour Sarason has illuminated the crucial linkbetween the hand and the intelligent action in his exploration of the meaningof creativity. The creative impulse, which is deeply personal, is a criticalelement at the core of all learning." (Wilson 1998, p.291)

Artistic approach

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