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Various videos and films that I have filmed and edited for different projects 

The composition of matter, space, time and structure in masonry and concrete vaults

Between 2018 and 2019 a series of buildings was captured in motion pictures. The buildings are mainly shells structures of masonry, brick or concrete.  The structural benefits of vaults and domes are well known. However, they also possess unique architectural and spatial qualities. They are often a result of an architectural aspiration idea that, in the best examples, exist in an interplay with the load-bearing structure. The difficulty is communicating the architectural aspiration and the qualities, such as materiality, spaciousness and light to someone who has not or ever will experience it. Traditionally it is done through text and pictures, but is it the best way?  It led to the research question of  how to communicate the spatial experience and spatial qualities of these spaces? An experience that is both personal and subjective, so the challenge is to portray that feeling embodied in the architecture. The chosen method of answering this question was using motion pictures accompanied by music. During trips around the world, chosen objects were filmed and later edited with added music. At the moment of writing, the result is ten movies of ten different buildings, which are 1.5 - 3 minutes in length. The movies were aired and presented during the Advances in the architectural conference in 2018. An interview was made in relation and concerning the work and purpose and can be found at: 


Short interviews with two of my idols when I was a student.

Instructional videos

Instructional videos for bricklayers and masons were created together with my father as the instructor. The videos were made for SPEF, which nowadays are called Mur & Putsföretagen. 


Videos from some of my lectures and presentations