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Geodesic gridshell

This two day workshop was conducted as part of the course "Digital tools and parametric design" for Architecture and Engineering student’s year 2 at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg Sweden, December 2017. Utilizing a geodesic grid design, that is curves whose curvature vector is parallel with the surface normal, the gridshell was made of straight predrilled plywood laths that was bent and locked into shape using a sequential erection method.

Design team: Emil Adiels, Isak Näslund Nicolo Bencini Cecilie Brandt Puria Hesari  Engineering Emil Poulsen, Chris Williams

Sponsors: Buro Happold Engineering, CORE Thornton Tomasetti & Cramo Sweden

Conference paper

The following text comes from the conference paper, Design, fabrication and assembly of a geodesic gridshell in a student workshop. Available from: 


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